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  A Love Story,

 50 Years in   

   the Making. 

IT BEGAN in the early 1970's with a guy and his Super 8mm film camera.  Through joy and tragedy, Larry captured his loving family. 

Time passed, technology evolved, more children were born, and there amassed a cabinet full of home movies---films and videos of holidays, school events, kids' birthdays, family vacations, you name it; all those funny and awkward moments captured for posterity! 

It seemed a shame to me to keep

those moments on a shelf.  I'm Larry's son.

I came to love cameras because he did. They

were always around and, like my father, I made use

of them. They're a good tool; for creative pursuits, 

and in times of adversity.

THIS FILM'S JOURNEYstarted back in 2003.

My younger sister became seriously ill from the effects 

of a genetic disease called Cystic FibrosisSo,

I grabbed a camera. I wanted to learn about what 

she and her three CF siblings had to deal with.

I hope you will too. The resulting film is 

our family's story  ~  Jason 






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